Five Reasons You Should Update Your Trash Can

You’ve used the same type and style of trash can for many years. You are not inclined to change, but you have heard so much about the upgrades and amenities that the newer models can be purchased with. There are several reasons that you really should consider buying a new model, and these include:

New Features
Specific brands of trash cans have become very technological. Many of the newer cans have sensors installed. Wave your hand above the hinged lid, and it will magically open. This is so handy when your hands are full or wet. Many come equipped with sensitive foot pedals that will also open the lid smoothly and easily. Custom liners fit the receptacles much more snugly, and leak resistant materials keep your floors neat and dry. As recycling becomes more and more prevalent, there are also many more containers for recycling readily available for immediate use in your home.

Higher Quality Materials
Trash cans are now much sturdier. They can withstand much more rough handling and filling. They can be purchased in a variety of materials including resin, stainless steel, rubber, aluminum, and heavy-duty plastic.

Ease of Use
They are also easier to maneuver. Taking a trash can outside is no longer the difficult and bulky process that it used to be. Better wheel designs and steering, handles with rubber grips, and a more balanced load make taking out the trash a snap.

Odor Control
It’s so embarrassing when you walk into your home or kitchen, and all you can smell is last night’s dinner scraps on the paper plates in your trash can. There are so many ways to alleviate or even eliminate these odors. New trash cans have tighter fitting lids, come with scented trash bags, and even have deodorizing features built into the can. One of the most common deodorizing feature is small carbon filters that are fit into the lid. These can be replaced quickly, inexpensively, and easily as needed.

It used to be that you could just find square and round trash receptacles. Now there is so much more variety that will fit in every nook and cranny of your home. Oval, triangular, short, tall, with or without wheels, and some with unique trim are available in a multitude of unique and fashionable designer colors.

As is very apparent, trash cans have gone through huge transitions through the years. They are no longer the ugly, but necessary containers that are difficult to use and hide from view. Some are so ultra-sleek and beautiful that you do not even want them tucked away in a pantry or closet. Take the time to research and shop for some of the newest and latest models. You’ll be so glad you took the time to do so, as it will make keeping your home free of debris much more fulfilling and enjoyable.