6 Reasons to Purchase a Retail Resale Franchise

Retail resale franchises like Once Upon A Child® and Plato’s Closet® have gotten quite a bit of notice of late. They offer you a solid business opportunity and are well respected. In 2015, Forbes rated Plato’s Closet® its number one choice for franchise opportunities, which demonstrated just how much potential this sort of business has. Here are six reasons why you might choose a retail resale business as your franchise of choice.

1. The Franchise Model is Proven

According to Entrepreneur.com, a proven track record counts as one of the chief reasons to buy any franchise of any sort. While these types of franchises have their own advantage, the would-be franchise owner can’t afford to ignore the obvious reasons. Buying into a franchise allows you to buy into a brand that already has a solid reputation. By transference, you take on the same reputation and a built-in client base.

2. Prices Customers Love

Retail resale shops appeal to those on a budget. Such prices guarantee a steady flow of clientele, making them a wise choice as a franchise opportunity. Whether it’s for a new-to-you-mini trampoline or to find quality baby clothes at lower prices, retail resale franchises are the way to go.

3. Learning the Ropes

Franchise opportunities come with training opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know all the ins and outs of the business. You’ll be taught that as you go along. This alone is enough to give the new business owner the confidence to buy a franchise.

4. Something a Little Different

Let’s face it. Sometimes you just want to buy something that not everyone has. And if you have this desire, then so does your customer. Retail retail franchises have much to offer this type of clientele. From the handmade baby scarf to the rare pair of retro jeans, these business are the go-to places to hit when you want to buy those hard-to-find items. This type of business definitely has a built-in niche.

5. Location Location Location!

The right location can make a business. The wrong one will tank it. Fortunately, buying a franchise means buying into Real Estate expertise as well. Owning a second-hand shop or a consignment store is one thing. Owning one that sits at the right location is something completely different. Many times the parent companies of franchises help new business owners find the right location, solidifying the new business owner’s chance of success.

6. Getting Financed

While buying a lone thrift shop may make banks consider you, buying a retail resale franchise could be the difference between you getting financed or not. If you have your heart set on this type of business but lack the cash to make it happen, buying a franchise can help eliminate this all-too-common challenge for start ups.

The reasons for buying a retail resale business are many. Not only are you buying into a business with a solid training record and business system, you get business support of all kinds. If you’re the type of person who just loves stores like Once Upon A Child®, this business model could just be the ticket to business success.